Industrial Welded Tins

Versatile containers with welded seams are available in many diameters and heights, from 3`` x 1 1/2`` to 12 3/16`` x 17``. Welded tins may be lithographed but also look very attractive with labels.
Uses for welded tins include:
  • •  Auto Body Filler
  • •  Candles
  • •  Coffee
  • •  Industrial Wax
  • •  Ink
  • •  Petroleum Products
  • •  Syrup
  • •  Wax

Friction Plug Tins

A plug-style metal cap fits snugly into a seamed-on ring. The outside edge of the plug snaps into the interior edges of the ring, creating one sealing surface. imilar to the Single Friction Tins except the plug fits into a ``well`` on the seamed-on ring. The plug snaps into the ring and two surfaces (the outside and inside edge) come in contact with the ring, creating two sealing surfaces on the plug/ring combination (similar to a typical paint can).

Hermetic Tins

Hermetic tins offer the perfect airtight environment. They are available in three diameters and numerous heights and are manufactured with or without body beads, providing the strength level needed when vacuum packing your product. A wide assortment of end options are available including steel, aluminum, EZ open pull tops and foil membrane EZ open ends. These tins may be paper-labeled or custom lithographed. Coffee, infant formula, nuts, seafood, chocolate syrup, cooking oil, loose tobacco, hydraulic fluids and lubricants are just a few of the products commonly packaged in hermetic tins. In keeping with our sustainability plan, all of our tins are 100% recyclable and Made In India.

Interior Seal Tins

In our interior seal tins, a pliable ring fits to the interior allowing for a straight-sided slender profile can. Several diameters and heights for our interior seal tins range are available by special order. Covers are de-bossed for the 2 11/16`` diameter. Uses for interior seal tins include:candy tins,cosmetics packaging,powdered drink mixes,spices,teas etc.

Decorative Tins

For seasonal and year-round use of stock decorative tins, these beautiful tin cans feature artwork from world-renowned artists. Pre-printed designs are perfect for cookie tins, cake tins, confectionary tins, candy tins, nut cans, novelty cans and more. Please place your orders early (we love getting winter orders in April!) While we make every effort to maintain an inventory of occasionally, demand exceeds supply. We will recommend substitutions or quote lead times. Stock Decorative tins are pre-printed with designs that have been thoroghly researched for maximum marketability. Many themed designs to choose from from everyday to holiday by today's most popular and aclaimed artists. Low minimum orders of $1000 are required.