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O & M Services in Telecom Industry

b4S Operation and Maintenance (O&M) division is committed to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, cost effective and responsive solutions for the Operation and Maintenance requirements of telecom industry. Under Operation and Maintenance of telecom sites we deal in Diesel Filling and maintenance of Electricity Bills and Electrical facilities which includes breakdown maintenance, management of electrical infrastructure equipments.

We provide preventive maintenance of electrical equipments like Air Conditioner, DG, Isolation Transformer, Power Plant, Battery Banks, Panels, DCDB Earth pits, Energy Meter, Tower/Mast/Poles for MW, Prefab Shelter / Brick Room for equipment, Fire detection system, etc.

Preventive measures are taken by us to keep the equipments in healthy condition to reduce break down maintenance. Thus resulting higher availability of cell sites by bringing down the outages. It also includes checking of physical condition of shelters, room, towers and other infrastructure related parts of the network and pre-monsoon check and repairs wherever required.

  • Our team consist of experienced O&M head, Zonal supervisors, field technicians, surveillance engineers, MIS assistant, inventory assistant, QA and audit engineer with 8-10 years of experience in same industry. Our group provides 24x7 services and keeps the network in serviceable condition with 99.99% uptime. Equipments at cell sites are routinely checked for preventive maintenance as per manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • We follow ISO 9001- 2008 (BSI) Standard for quality management resulting in successful execution of our projects in stipulated time frame and excel customer expectation.

Proposed Resource Deployment & Process flow:

  • Help Desk will be setup to facilitate / Rectification of faults.
  • Stores will be hired on state level or District level (for storing spares and faulty equipments) as per the availability of the sites within easily reach.
  • Quick Technical Support Vehicle (QTSV) will be deployed for carrying spares and emergencies along with Technician.
  • AC & DG dealers will be notified for purchases of original spares.
  • Mobile DG will be deployed as per the Sites availability preferably rural and hilly terrain areas.
  • Man power will be recruited for different departments (EB, Estate, Technical, etc.).
  • House keeping materials will be procured and issued as per sites.

O & M execution Plan:

  • One O&M head in each circle will be employed who will be looking after the complete operations with authorities for better co-ordination with operations and staff.
  • A qualified Trainer will be employed to train the technical staff, for providing the proper 'On thw Job Training' (OJT).
  • Experienced staff will be hired for OMCR duties and Alarm monitoring and escalating 24X7 and maintaining outage report.
  • CTL (Cluster Team Lead) for 100 sites will be directly reporting to O & M Head and is responsible for any activity in his Zone.
  • Under CTL specialized engineering team will be provided for DG, AC, PP, Battery Bank and PIU maintenance and another team for infrastructure and civil works.
  • Under CTL one Supervisor for 50 sites will be looking after 6 Technicians under him for PM & Schedule Maintenance of equipments, Site Maintenance and records of work carried at site.
  • One Technician for 8 sites is responsible for all activities. He will carry out PM, DI, Alarm rectification and to maintain 100% serviceability.
  • Diesel Supervisor will be deployed to maintain diesel records, diesel filling by diesel Fillers, Number of outages due to diesel. He is also responsible for DG average per site.
  • Estate Officer will be employed to monitor the estate issues. Owner issue and Access issue will be resolved by estate team.
  • Procurement od soares will be done by procurement team from authorized dealers well in advance to avoid any equipment failure.
  • Trained MIS personnel will be provided to maintain database and faults records.
  • EB person will be responsible to Collection/ Payments of bills for all the sites.
  • House keeping team will assist the technician to keep the sites clean.

O & M Hierarchy:

Energy Management and Asset Management:

  • For energy management there will be a specilized EB team which will monitor the Electrification of sites and have a proper liaisons with SEB authority.
  • Any electricity theft will be brought in the notice of authority immediately (Estate Team).
  • For asset management all the equipment will be maintained properly by carrying out PM and DI on regular basis.
  • All the alarms will be kept servicable all the time such as Fire/High temp. alarm to avoid any incident.
  • All the DGs average will be taken time to time to avoid misuse of diesel by the vigilance team.
  • To safeguard the assets sites will be provided with locks and proper security.
  • There will be surprise checking of vehicles deployed for diesel thefts.

Site Taken Over Plan:

  • There will be a team to take over the sites comprising of Technician, DG Mechanic, AC Mechanic, PP and Battery Bank, CTL or Supervisor and Operators representative.
  • All the infra equipment installed on site will be checked thoroughly, Automation of the site will be checked, Alarm will be checked with OCMR.
  • Punch points will be recorded and after clearence of those punch points sites willb be taken over.
  • Access material lying on the site will be recorded / removed immediately.
  • AC / DG will be checked for any service due or any overhauling required.
  • Sites will be taken over in a phrased manner.
  • Sites will be checked for any EB pendency or access Issue.