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Recruitment & selection is not simply about filling up Jobs, it is about building a work force that is suitable and adoptable to suit Enterprise’s changing needs. It is time consuming and costly exercise. If it is not done properly cost may be incalculable in terms of lost opportunity, lost customers, Man hr lost and spoiled working environment.

Organizations in today’s competitive environment now understand the necessity of Management Consultancy Services in order to achieve the desired quality/ strength of manpower in the cost effective and efficient way. We are committed to provide best fit suitable candidate for your organization.

Our Company’s main aim is to provide Quality Manpower to our clients.

PLACEMENTS: Selection is done from our data bank through advertisements/ or by Head Hunting

DATA BANK: Regularly Updated Data Bank is segmented into categories, Junior to senior manager level depending on qualification, Experience, age, title of the job etc

ADVERTISING: Advertising is needed when the profile is specific or not available from our data bank.

HEAD HUNTING: If required we locate the candidate & establish contact with the specific candidates and fix meeting. Entire process is discretely executed & in strict confidence.